FoodCourier.com is a Magento-based online storefront of a national food manufacturer. Our services included:
– Magento Community Implementation & Customization
– Payment Processing
– Shipping Integration with Fedex
– Conversion Optimization



Leahy is a Chicago based manufacturer of fruit based beverages, syrups, and fruit-cups. Our Services included:
– Web Development
– Responsive UI
– Content Management System
– Integration with Magento-based online storefront



401kGPS is a leading RoboAdvisor service for 401(k) investment recommendations. Key services provided are:
Solution Design & Architecture
– Web Development
– Subscription Commerce
– Maintenance & Support



Click2Cater is a leading online-ordering software-as-a-service platform for restaurants and caterers. Our services included:
– Design & Development
– Product Management
– Product Support
– Maintenance & Monitoring