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Website Traffic Builder

Driving relevant traffic to your site has the most direct impact on your business objectives, from lead generation to conversion. And if relevant traffic is your target, then natural traffic should be your top priority because it represents one of the highest ROI initiatives you can execute for your website.

With natural traffic, you don’t pay a CPM for banner ads or pay-per-click for a Google AdWords campaign. Plus, natural traffic is consistent month after month and requires little effort to maintain.

At MarketGoal, our experts position you to reap maximum natural traffic by:

  • Developing a detailed analysis of your website’s total potential, based on both natural and paid search traffic
  • Forecasting traffic growth curves, including specific milestones
  • Planning, managing and reporting traffic performance via web-based reports.

As with our other search solutions, there’s no risk to using our Website Traffic Builder because you pay only for the results we achieve.

Ready to boost natural traffic to your site? Contact Us today, and let one of our website traffic specialists get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “natural traffic” potential, and how does MarketGoal capitalize on it?

“Natural traffic” is unpaid traffic sent to your website as a result of keyword searches. Our team of search experts has logged countless hours and implemented hundreds of campaigns to develop the Website Traffic Builder, a program that 1) uncovers the natural traffic potential of your website and 2) guarantees substantial growth in that traffic.

How do you define “substantial” growth?

Most of our clients see more than a 25% growth in natural site traffic within about three months, and we frequently deliver a 100%+ increase in traffic in a 12-month period. Some clients have seen traffic grow from 300% to 600%. Each program differs, depending on the overall search and social media volumes relevant for the type of business and keywords.

How can you achieve substantial growth in natural traffic for my site?

Each program begins with a detailed analysis of traffic potential from top natural searches relevant for your business and our assessment of how much of that traffic we can attract to your site through the Website Traffic Builder program. In addition to growth in natural search traffic, you’ll also see a boost in social media and referral traffic driven by our efforts to increase your site’s Google ranking for high-quality keywords.

How will I know that the program is working?

Our search team tracks data using your current site analytics solution (e.g., Google Analytics). We use the average from the previous three to six months of traffic volume as a baseline reference and measure Website Traffic Builder’s performance against it. We provide monthly traffic reports with easy-to-understand charts and a data table that compares program performance relative to the plan.

What if I don’t have any site analytics as a starting point?

If you aren’t currently using a site analytics program, MarketGoal will help you implement Google Analytics, which can usually be done in a couple of hours. We then use the first complete month’s traffic data as your baseline.

What if the program results fall short of our goals?

We stand behind the results we promise with Website Traffic Builder. If we don’t achieve planned traffic levels in the original time frame, we’ll extend the program for up to 60 days at no additional cost, or you can choose to receive a pro-rated refund.

“MarketGoal has driven our search engine optimization program like no one else. Thanks to their team, our rankings on Google for very competitive keywords have climbed to the top over the last year. Their efforts have made a direct impact on our business results.”

Annette Tonti

“MarketGoal is not just a partner. Its people have become part of our Web projects group. Excellent client service and an eagerness to help us achieve our very ambitious goals have made MarketGoal indispensable to our company.”

Younes Aouad

“Working with MarketGoal is an absolute pleasure, both for what they deliver and how they do it. We count on their expertise to give us a meaningful Web presence, including Website development, our online product catalog, SEO and Web leads.”

Paul Anastasio

“MarketGoal continues to be a strategic partner for us. With its strong capabilities in Web technologies, we’ve been able to give life to a multitude of Web designs and strategies for our clients.”

Larry Kluger

“Partnering with MarketGoal has been a great move for us—they make our digital marketing and Web-based projects shine. They apply implementation muscle to the strategies and designs we create for our clients.”

Bill Egan

“MarketGoal has always delivered for us. We trust them to provide top flight Web Development and SEO services for us.”

Brian Mukherjee
PV Media Group

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