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Digital Marketging Solutions

Our Suite of Digital Marketing Services

Design Services

Campaign Creative Optimization

We provide ad design services for your display campaigns – concept, design, copy and execution of various sizes and versions. We also provide design and development of landing pages and versions to drive end to end optimization of your digital media ad spend.
SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization

Getting found on Google, Bing and Yahoo search results is important, but only a part of the equation. Equally as important is your actual listing, how it compels target users to click on it. Our SEO team obsesses about every little detail that can improve the search engine listing, keyword ranking and therefore the traffic and conversions from your website. Our proven 7-step methodology is designed to achieve the results that you are looking for.
Pay Per Click Agency

Paid Search

Suitable for most pay-for-performance goals, Paid Search, is by far the most popular marketing tactic. Tell us your marketing goals and objectives and we will help to devise a paid search program with the right mix of Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkeIn channels. Our full service paid search programs include campaign strategy, keyword research & portfolio development, ad-copy, conversion tracking, and bid management.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Probably the most effective CRM tool, email marketing has rapidly evolved into a sophisticated marketing channel with strong ROI if done right. We can help you construct and implement the right email programs such as newsletters, promotions, drip campaigns, etc. Our email programs are full service, and include design, campaign management, A/B testing, reporting and analytics and integration with Google Analytics.
Local Business Listing

Local SEO & Business Listings

Are you a restaurant or a local business? Does your business serve local customers, in a community, town, or county? If you answered “Yes” then local SEO is way to get your business listed in the local search section of the search listing page. Our Local SEO program includes registering your business with Google+, Google Maps, Bing Local Bing Maps, and Yahoo local. In addition, we will will help increase your local profile by driving reviews and references on social ratings platforms such as Yelp and Trip Advisor.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media represents the dominant online-user-behavior along with search. And it is likely that your business is the subject of user ratings, opinions, and comments on the popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tubmlr, Pintrest, etc. MarketGoal can help you proactively manage your social presence and influence or shape opinions about your business. Our comprehensive social marketing programs include media monitoring, user engagement, content development and dissemination via tweets, posts, and comments.
Display and Video Advertising

Display & Video Advertising

Looking for a digital marketing plan and program? We can create and implement sophisticated online advertising programs with real-time access to display, video, mobile and social media inventory. Your advertising program will be hosted on a state of the art platform which provides access to advanced data filters to isolate conversions, CPM, CPC, CPA, attribution, KPIs, retargeting, and more.
Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are pivotal for your digital marketing campaigns. We create well crafted landing pages that speak to your target audience, present compelling offers, and provide validation content to maximize conversion rates. In addition, all our landing pages are responsive, i.e., users will see the landing page version optimized for their device. And finally, we will help create multiple versions of your landing page – to test parameters, such as layout, colors, call to action, and copy.
Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics

Wouldn’t you like to optimize the user engagement on your website. e.g., increase page-views, time on site, repeat visits, and most importantly conversions? Doing so will directly increase marketing campaign ROI, and user loyalty. We can help you devise the KPIs that measure user engagement and conversion metrics and implement Google Analytics on your site to provide daily, weekly and monthly tracking of your business KPIs.